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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ralph Lee married Elizabeth Doyle Reed

Ralph Lee married Elizabeth Reed on the 26th of February 1811 in Randolph County, Illinois. Their marriage license is available from Randolph County, Illinois. *1

In some instances of Family Search, Ralph's wife has incorrectly been identified as Sarah Elizabeth. This information probably came from Nauvoo Temple Index records. *2

This card states that John D. Lee is Sarah Doyle's son.

This card states that John D. Lee is Elizabeth Lee's grandson.

The temple records show that John D. Lee was baptized for his "mother," Sarah Doyle. In addition they show that he was baptized for his "grandmother," Elizabeth Lee. The information regarding relationships was entered incorrectly. This was not unusual for this period of time and under the circumstances, understandable.

John D. Lee's soon to be published1840 journal gave the information as it should have been recorded. On page 112, John D. Lee listed his deceased relatives for whom he was baptized. "Firstly my mother Elizabeth Lee. Grandfather John Doye (sic) Grandmother Doye (sic) Aunt Sarah Doyle, and Father, R Lee."*3 The information on Ralph was missing in the Nauvoo Records Index.

From this journal account it is evident that Sarah Doyle was John D. Lee's aunt, not his mother. His mother's name is Elizabeth.

*1 Randolph County Illinois Recorder. Marriage Record of Ralph Lee and Eliza Reed.

*2 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint. Nauvoo Temple. Baptisms for the Dead 1840-1845. Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1958, 1967, 1972. FHL US/CAN film 0,820,153. Index to proxies 1840-1845 FHL US/CAN film 485753 item 2.

*3 Lee, John Doyle. 1840 Diary. Unpublished. Copy in possession of Carmen Smith, PO Box 339, Central, AZ 85531.


Benivitus said...

I have a grandson named Ralph Porter Levi Lee (2002), a son named Ralph Adam Lee (1974), I am Ralph Kelly Lee (1951), my dad was Ralph Hugh Lee (1918) and my grandfather was Ralph Lee (1887+/-)...Do you have any ideas about tying into John D. Lee or Robert E. Lee?? Is there any leads you can give me to tie them in? If not it's okay...Thanks...

R Durfee said...

Ralph Lee, John D. Lee's father was about 40 years old when he married Elizabeth. He could easily have been married previously and had other children. Also -- There were several Ralph Lees in Maryland.

Kris said...

Does anyone know the Lee's haplotype? This could help further the Lee investigation. There are early pioneers who test positive for what is called an M222variation in their ancestral DNA. Joseph Smith is one of those men and I suspect there are many other early pioneers who may have this variant or a haplotype that is closely related. It's an Irish haplotype. Doyle is a STRONG Irish name. The name of Greenlee is one of the names found in this haplotype as well. It's possible the Green was dropped in America.