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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ralph Lee son of Ralph Lee as in IGI or new.familysearch

I received the following comment, at the bottom of the John D. Lee Ancestry blog. It is worth discussing since I have had others email and ask similar questions: ashes said..."Gen 3: Could Ralph Lee b. 1742 d. 1806 and married to Mary b. 1746 potentially be Ralph Lee's b. 1768 parents? I found that info on IGI and am not sure what to do with it...."

If the information for Ralph Lee and Mary in search and the IGI is accurate and in a good location, it could be correct. The ages are good.

The problem is: Are the dates of the parents made up to match Ralph (Jr.'s) age or are they the actual real data? The information needs to be sourced. Even I am guilty of not sourcing in the John D. Lee's Ancestry blog! But I am working on posting why I think the information there is accurate. If you read the rest of the blogs you can see where the information came from and even scans of some of the original documents.

If the Ralph and Mary are the ones I am thinking of, they were found by my grandmother in the late 1960's. She was so excited! But I believe that when my mom and I checked it out Ralph and Mary were a generation older. I don't have good documentation for all of this. My mom was working on the Lees while I was working on the Smiths.

The Ralph Lees that I have in my PAF file from our research are: 1) Ralph Lee b. abt. 1735, died after 1810. I have him as a son of William Lee and Hannah. He was in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We have children for him. This is info from my mom so I don't have real good sources on it. 2) Ralph Lee b. about 1685, also a son of a William Lee who also had a wife named Hannah! We figured he was not the son of Hannah, but of William's first (unknown) wife. This Ralph had two wives named Mary, the first (possibly Atkinson), the second Mary King, and a third wife named Sybella. I believe this is the one that is erroneously put as Ralph Lee's father. The temple work on this one was done pre 1970, so I think it was my grandmother who submitted it. Many of this Ralph Lee's records are found in Christ Church of Philadelphia records and History of Bucks County, PA. This Ralph is the half brother to the William Lee who is the father of the first Ralph.

There is another Ralph Lee who married a Mary. Again, this could be the one my grandmother discovered. This Ralph's information is based upon a query by Norma Griffith. This Ralph and Mary were supposed to have died in Baltimore in1783, before the end of the Revolutionary War. Ralph was supposed to have a brother whose name was unknown and Norma Griffith was looking for information on this family. This was the only reference we found about this family.

The Ralph and Mary thing needs to be looked into and either verified or discarded. If it is info my grandmother found, she is long since gone (my mom is 91!) and she won't be able to give us the source, although I do have some old letters and cards she sent me while she was searching that might give some clues.

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