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Sunday, December 11, 2011

This week I am headed to Salt Lake City for various reasons, but one of my main objectives is to find the property that Elizabeth Doyle Reed Lee, Ralph Lee, Oliver Reed and John Doyle Lee owned in Randolph and Fayette counties. John D. Lee married Aggatha Ann in Fayette County and owned property there.

Sometime this summer we are planning on taking a Lee family trip and looking at the sites that John D. Lee would have seen as a child and young man, up until the time we headed west to Utah. Two thousand and twelve is the 200th anniversary of John D. Lee's birth. We thought this would be a fun way to commemorate it! Plans are to go to Kaskaskia and Randolph County, Nauvoo, and sites in Missouri on the way back. At this point in time we are planning on chartering a bus leaving Salt Lake, traveling to St. Louis and then to Kaskaskia. In the Randolph County area we will see sites that John D. Lee's great-grandfather owned. Then the next day on to Nauvoo where we will spend at least another day. Three of John D. Lee's properties have been located there, and of course the Seventy's Hall is there that he was responsible for building. Then see the Missouri sites on our way back to Salt Lake. If you are interested in going, please contact me. We will have room for about 42 people.