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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

John D. Lee's Early Journals Published

The Early Journals of John D. Lee

 If you attended the John D. Lee reunion in 2011 in St. George, you heard Verne Lee talk about printing some of John D. Lee's previously unpublished journals.  His daughter helped him prepare the manuscript and they submitted it to lulu.  Originally, Verne had planned on photocopying the original journal and having the original on the left page, and a transcript of the journal on the right page, but apparently was unable to do that.

One of the important pieces of information found in this journal is a list of his deceased relatives that John D. Lee was baptized for.  It contradicts the information found in the original Nauvoo Temple records. Those records are where the information that Sarah Doyle was his mother was mistakenly entered.  The correct information is in this journal.

The name of the book is The Early Journals of John D. Lee. To purchase the book, go to, scroll down to Biographies/Memoirs, then put John D. Lee in the search box and it comes up. The following is the informational blurb on the site.  

"John D. Lee's early journals, deal primarily with his experience as a Mormon missionary. He fulfilled six distinct callings as such during this period, taking him into what then comprised the western states of the United States. This included Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas and Kentucky; though most of these efforts took place in Tennessee." 

The cost for the hardbound book is $32.00 plus $5. for shipping.   It ships in about one week.