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Sunday, April 1, 2012

John D. Lee 200th Birthday Anniversary Trip

September 6th is the 200th anniversary of John D. Lee's birth. To celebrate this momentus event I am taking my family to see the sites of John D. Lee's early life before he moved west. I am inviting others to go along with us. My mom is 95 and I am excited for her to see the things I have discovered as I have made many trips back to the area. Two of my sisters and one of their husbands and my husband are all making the trip.

The schedule right now is to go to Nauvoo on June 19th. We will only be spending the day there. If you wish to see more, go on Monday and we will meet you there.

On Wednesday, June 20th, we will be looking at John D. Lee's property near Vandalia when he was married to Aggatha Ann, the property that belonged to his half sister and her husband in the area, and the state house that was built while he was there.

Thursday, June 21st will be the longest tour day, but the shortest drive. We will go to Kaskaskia and Randolph County. We will tour Kaskaskia, look at the new church, the bell that rang from the old church, the area that Ralph had his property, the property that John D. Lee inherited from his mother. The property that Elizabeth homesteaded with her first husband, and the property she inherited from her grandfather, Henry Smith. You will hear stories about all of them and their families.

Our home base will be St. Louis. If you want to know what hotel we are staying at and any other information, email me at ersdurfee at

You will be responsible for your own meals and own hotel rooms. For those who let me know they are coming I will give you contact information for me and print up a booklet of the sites we will be visiting. There will be a small charge for the booklet.

If you are on facebook, let me know who you are and I will invite you to our "event." I keep that posted with the latest information.

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